RE: frame Holden as the original teen

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Holden Caulfield is the epitome of a psychomainic. He is unlike any other person I have ever meet. He always seems very depressed and alone. He seem to alway’s have some sad far-out opinion on every thing. Whether it be the guy at the end of the bar or the whore he ordered to his room. If a teen just walked out of private high school, in modern day, like holden did they would be sinned forever and they would be found immediately. This is obviously not the same in the 1950’s. At the same time though who would want to do that. He is just abandoning any sense of security by leaving school but it seems he just like to hangout in the bars of New York. This is unlike Marin teen’s who I feel like to stay close to home and be close to their family’s

By writing these Re:frame blogs I have made many connections through thing’s we practice and thing’s we do in the real world. These posts have made a way for me to let out/ voice some opinion I don’t think I would let myself say in normal writing. I mainly noticed connection between the life I live the life other Marin teens live and the life teens across the U.S. live.


The Winter Season

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The winter is a tough time for golfers. The days are too short for one. I have to race to the course after school and I barely can go through my whole practice routines. This is especially tough for me because I am playing basketball right now, which is everyday after school. Sometimes its at night but still I only get to the course about 3 times a week. This is really not that much time for me if I want to get better. But I wanted to play basketball and you cant only have one sport you gotta be a well rounded person.

The Second thing that is really sucky about the winter is the weather. It’s unpredictable but usually pretty rainy. Which is tough for a course because it can be out of commission for couple days after a rain. Some courses drain better then others. Me personally I don’t like playing on a wet soggy course. I find that the club digs more on a wet surface so you have a tendency to chunk it.

Re:frame: How teenagers were back then to how they are now

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In my opinion the life teenagers lived 50 years ago is so different then the one we live in today. If you look at it like this, that they’re are so many more ways of knowing how we live and how we do things now then there where 50 years ago. For example a teenager who was learning how to play golf now has way more access to swing info via computers. He can know his exact ball flight, his club head speed, What his shaft is doing at contact. This can be really helpful for correcting problems that you have no idea what is happening. 50 years ago kids would have no idea what they are are doing wrong. They would just gather information from the feel of the shot or the ball flight. I am not say the life we live now is better I am just saying it is different. There are many thing that make the these two eras stand apart.
One thing I can think of is 50 years ago there were not a lot of public courses. Golf revolved a lot around country clubs. Now there are plenty of public courses so it brings this different demographic of kids who might not have the money to join a country club.

Taylormade SLDR Driver

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The Taylormade SLDR driver is the newest in the Taylormade woods line. It was released on August 9th. The feedback I have heard has been mixed. I have friend who is a incredible golfer and he says he likes the club. He also has a Taylormade sponsorship so he could have got it all specked out but he chose to keep it all standard. This tells me the driver is made really well and that the standard shaft is good for the good golfer. I have hit the SLDR and I think the look is very nice. It is the first black head for Taylormade in a while. Looking down he shaft I get a very simple clean look and feel holding it in my hand. This is unlike Taylormade’s last R1 driver that had a bunch of lines on the head that look distracting to me. The technology that the SLDR driver is known for is very smart. It has a small weight on the bottom that is adjustable. It can slide back and forth to create a draw or fade. This technology works. I have hit it when it is set at draw and I hit a nice 10 yard draw. Then I turned it too fade and I hit a great 15 yard fade. In conclusion I really like the new SLDR driver. I didn’t think it would be that nice when it first came out, but it turned out to be a great club. This is just one of Taylormades many driver’s they have come out with and most of them are great. They will probably come out with a new driver soon with different technology.

Re: framed: Teen and Relationships

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The golf course provides a place to learn, nurture, and grow but it is also a place to socialize. I get pared up with a different kid each tournament. These relationships I create with kid are important. Some are just for that one day you spend together on the golf course during these long tournament rounds.On the other hand though there is one kid I played with at a tournament earlier this year. I play with this kid at least once a week and he has become one of my good golf buddies.
Relationships I create at the country club are different from the ones with the kids at tournaments. I try and get pared up with as many different people I can because every one is different. You can learn a lot about some one during a four and half hour round. Most things I learn from these people are very inspiring and helpful because these people are very successful. That is why they are part of a country club.

Re:framed How teens are complex

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A teen golfers life can be very crazy at some points and pretty low-key at others. During the summer it gets really crazy, playing tournaments all over. I think it is especially hard for someone like me who doesn’t have a car and all the tournaments are far away. This really limits my schedule. I have to make my schedule around my parents and they work there normal long hours during the summer. I think what I am going to do this summer is go with friends that are older and have cars. This is still not great because I am limited to the tournaments they play in. The level of tournament you play can effect you a lot. If you are a great golfer but you play on low-level tournaments you not getting enough exposure to good competition.

A golfers life can be pretty calm in the winter because it’s very cold and rainy so there are not many tournaments in general. The stuff I focus on are just the basics because its daylight saving so there is barely any time to play. I start off at the putting green then down to the range and then finally to the chipping green. I do all this so when the summer comes again I am prepared and better then last summer.

Phil Mickelson

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Phil Mickelson is a staple of golf today and will leave a huge mark on the game. Phil has 43 wins and 5 majors. This not a lot of majors compared to tiger but it is a lot more then most out on tour. Phil plays a type of game that everybody wishes they could play, but nobody can. He swings about as hard as he can at the ball and the ball goes all over the place. But Phil always plays these amazing recovery shots. For example at the 2010 masters on the final day he hit his ball in the pine trees on one of the closing holes. He and his caddie had a conversation about just punching it out and making a up and down. That not what Phil did. He went straight through the two trees in front of him. The ball rolled up on the green for an amazing shot. That was a signature moment in Phil’s 2010 masters win.

 In my opinion Phil’s best part of his game is his short game. He can get up and down from any where. Every time he has a wedge in his hand it is pretty sure Phil is going to hit it tight. He just has such a creative mind. He thinks of chip and pitch shots no one would even think of trying and then he some how pulls them off. His putting is out of this world. Every time he gets the ball started with his putter it looks like it is going in. His speed is great, he never really leaves himself a hard come-backer. Mostly just tap-in’s.

I think Phil’s impact on the game is bigger then some will think. He has lead this age of bombing it. Yet he pulls everything together with these beautiful shots around and on the green. Phil is the definition of being creative and thats what a innovator does.